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Traffic Tickets

Welcome to the Schenectady County, Office of the District Attorney
Traffic Ticket - Application for Reduction Information Page

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Currently, the District Attorney’s Office is not conducting in-person conferences at Local Courts for traffic ticket violations, with the exception of Glenville Town Court and Scotia Village Court. In addition, the District Attorney’s Office will not negotiate traffic tickets by phone.

Please note: The Application for Reduction process applies to traffic infractions only, not to vehicle and traffic law violations involving misdemeanors or felonies, which requires an in-person appearance.

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Step 1: Original Uniform Traffic Ticket Issued by Police Agency

Follow the instructions in the “To Plead By Mail" section of your uniform traffic ticket(s) to enter your plea and mail to the Court listed on the ticket. Once your plea is received by the Court, the Court will mail you an acknowledgement of your plea and information on how to either pay fines/surcharges due; or provide you with Court copies of your traffic tickets and options to bring the matter to a just disposition.

Step 2: Instructions to Request Application for Reduction

Should you choose to contact the District Attorney’s Office to request an alternative disposition of your traffic ticket charge(s), send your request and copies of your traffic ticket(s) to our office by either Mail, E-Mail, or Fax.

  • Non-moving violations or equipment violations, please include documentation showing the issues have been corrected. Example: Unregistered Motor Vehicle, Uninspected Motor Vehicle, Operating Without Insurance, Unlicensed Operator, No/Inadequate Lights, etc.
  • You may also include a statement for consideration.

E-Mail Address:
Attach a scanned copy or photo of your traffic ticket(s) to your e-mail. Photos should be full-size and clear. Links are not acceptable.

Mailing Address:
County of Schenectady, Office of the District Attorney
Attn: Traffic Tickets
612 State Street
Schenectady, NY 12305

Fax Number: 518-388-4795

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Due to the large number of requests received by the District Attorney’s Office it may take several weeks to receive a response.

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Once your request is received, an Assistant District Attorney will review your request.

If a reduction is applicable, an Application for Reduction of Charges form will be returned to you with instructions. The application will contain details regarding the negotiated plea offer, which you may accept or reject. Review this form and its instructions carefully.

Complete the Application for Reduction of Charges form by checking either the Accept or Reject box, complete the paragraph by printing your name, date the form, and sign the form.

Mail your completed application to the Court where your ticket is pending within 72 hours of receiving your plea offer.

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Accepted plea offers: Accepted plea offers must be approved by the Court. If the Court accepts the agreed upon plea bargain, the Court will notify you by mail of any fines, surcharges or other conditions related to your acceptance. The Court will also provide further instructions on how to pay fines or surcharges due.

Rejected plea offers: The Court will notify you by mail of a future date to appear.

Traffic Ticket helpline: 518-388-4397