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Village of Delanson

Village of Delanson

The village of Delanson is situated in the southern part of the town of Duanesburg, Schenectady County, New York. It lies between the historic Cherry Valley Turnpike, also known as the Third Great Western Turnpike (now part of US 20), and another highway once known as the Danforth Turnpike (now New York State Route 7).

Under the name of Delanson, its history dates back only to 1893. The sister village of Quaker Street, situated approximately one-half mile to the south of Delanson and on the Danforth Turnpike (now New York Route 7), was the pioneer business center serving the surrounding territory before the era of railroad transportation. What is now known as Delanson was then referred to as Toad Hollow because it lies to the head of the Normans Kill drainage.

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Village School Districts

Duanesburg Central School District